Tips to Build a Lasting Lesbian Relationship

Madison-Ivy-and-Spencer-Scott-Let-Them-Eat-Pussy-Lesbian-Nude-Babes-8Communication, Communication, Communication: Don’t let small fissures in your relationship turn into insurmountable canyons! Let your partner know what you are thinking about big and small things. If something is bothering you, speak up. Problems can’t be solved unless you talk about it.

Make Time For Each Other: Life’s demands will always get in the way. If you don’t schedule “Us” time, it probably won’t happen for you. Once a time is blocked off on the calendar, then both of you know to arrange other commitments around that time. For instance, you can block out Friday nights as time you dedicate to your relationship.

Keep It Fresh: You know how the saying goes, “Relationships take work.” Well, that is true, but it doesn’t always have to have a negative connotation. If you introduce an element of surprise in your relationship, it really helps. Bringing home flowers without an occasion, making a reservation at her favorite restaurant, or suggesting an out-of-the-ordinary activity really go a long way toward keeping your partnership interesting and vibrant.

How to Give a great erotic massage

There are a few basic ground rules that you should follow whether you?re going to a massage parlour or escort agency in London or anywhere else in the world for that matter. These are really quite simple and rely primarily on common sense above all else.

Prepare the room
Enabling environment for relaxation will make everything we do multiply its effects. It is essential to have an adequate light, not too strong so, if we have plenty of natural light, it would be better to reduce it with curtains or blinds so that we get to graduate the light in order to create a relaxing atmosphere .

If you have artificial light is sufficient to turn off the overhead lights in case they are not adjustable and light a lamp table, if you have strong light , best cover it with a scarf , being careful not to touch the bulb .
Candles and incense

Candles provide a very special intimate, you can do it without them but will greatly help to create atmosphere in the same way than incense do. Many people do not like incense , especially the first times , but if we insist on using it, is a perfect weapon because once the brain detects it, it starts to asociate situations.

We heat the room because a cold environment will not relax our muscles enough . About 24 degrees would be the ideal temperature , but set it according to your preferences .
2 # . Prepare youHands
You must have clean hands and nails trimmed in order to no harm . Take off your rings, bracelets and so on, apart from grazing or hook they may be deteriorated with oils .

No clothes
Erotic massage is logically done without clothes, but would be a therapeutic massage. You’ll use your whole body , not just hands so invest a little time to be presentable , shaved (if you like ) and in the best condition as possible .

The main thing is that you are relaxed to give the massage. You can not hurry to finish so that if you had a hard day and you’re a little upset I recommend you take a relaxing bath and an infusion of lime, there is nothing more anti-erotic than rush.

keep calm and relax

3 # . Action begins
To start it is best to place your partner face down on his back and pour some massage oil or use a massage candle that previously we have to light it will melt and can use the oily liquid . If you opt for a candle you have to control the temperature of the liquid to pour into your partner not to cause discomfort.

velas de masaje
Aromatic massage candles are the most used by those skilled in sensual massage as they provide a nice warm liquid massager and a much more intense and lasting smell due to the rising temperature option .
Use your hands and your body

se your whole hand, not massage only with fingers because it is not nice, uses full palm instead start with gentle caresses going to increasingly higher intensity but without pushing too hard . However let yourself be guided by the feelings of your partner , your breathing and movements will give you clues about what you like and what not.
Once your partner is comfortable with the massage you can begin to use other parts of your body to perform the massage as your legs , feet, arms , breasts, etc. .

All areas are valid in erotic massage , all depends on the preferences of each one and how far are you willing to go. However it would be interesting to massage some of the erogenous zones such as the quintessential inner thighs , buttocks , scalp , breasts and genitals.

Happy ending
I will not tell you how you should end an erotic massage , everything depends on you , however as the name suggests the end of the massage must be a happy and enjoyable for both

Gay Marriage – The New Paradigm For Relationships?

Most of us gays and lesbians in California are elated about our new found legal right to marry. The celebrations have begun all over California. Family and friends are eager to wish us well and celebrate our love with us. However, in the week since gay marriages have begun to take place I have heard some mixed feelings and concerns about our gay nuptials.

These mixed feelings sound like: “The idea of getting married to my partner feels like locking myself in a cage and throwing away the key!” or “I never really thought about marriage and never felt that it was something that I needed to do.” I have also heard and feel strongly myself the concern that “If I get married am I buying into a heterosexist, patriarchal, dysfunctional institution?”
I personally think danger can be inherent in the concept of gay marriage. During my time as a gay activist in my early twenties I was espousing the idea that for gays and lesbians to get married means assimilation into a heterosexist, patriarchal, religious, misogynist, and overall dysfunctional institution. Let’s face it; as of 2005 U.S. Census Bureau reported that over fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. This is not inspiring. Nonetheless, as an adult I am embracing the concept of being the change I wish to see in the world. Actually, I am doing this more from the perspective of love and being the love I wish to see in the world. Marriage is about so much more than an institution or dysfunctional construct or labeling our relationships with the word marriage. It is about the freedom to love without being treated as a second-class citizen and I am one hundred percent behind free loving. If I dare to look at a newspaper or watch the news I am incessantly inundated with negativity, violence, hatred, and fear. We don’t live in a world where an over abundance of love renders it practical to make any form of it illegal. I do hope to see a time when an overabundance of love exists in the world and all of it is legal.

Gays and lesbians have been cultural, social, political, artistic, and healing pioneers for a very long time. We have also been pioneers within the context of relationships. We have experimented, risked, leaped, loved, nurtured, in many relationship forms. We have become parents. We have had open relationships. We have committed to more than one person. I am sure people have done things that I probably don’t know about. Some of this doesn’t work for some people and some of it does work for others. That is the beauty and the power. Many of us have been willing to explore what works for us individually and navigate our own paths, hopefully, without judging each other. I assert that now that we are legally able to do what many choose to label marriage we can add this to the list of terrains in which we call ourselves pioneers.